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burndxntfreeze's Journal

There's Nothing Pretty About A Junkie
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I've made this support community for self injurers everywhere who are struggling to curb their self destructive habits. I made it with burners especially in mind. Self injurers and even those who aren't can come and post (respectful) thoughts of theirs here. I'm here if anyone ever needs an ear to rant to or even just a shoulder to cry on. You can share personal experiences and obstacles...hopefully even success stories? Like many others, I'm not willing to give up without a fight. Let's all help each other through these hard times.

Beauty surrounds me.
I reach out to the sky,
Wishing only to become a part of it.
But yet there is still blockage.
The numbness is suffocating.
I'll give up anything,
Just for a glimpse of the outer world.
My soul for a breath of air.
I walk day by day,
Warily testing each step
My cloud of insanity blocks out the light.
I need to feel,
My fingers long to touch.
Caress the strong arms around me,
But my senses are dulled,
And so I burn.
Pain is my weapon.
It is the sword with which I cut.
Slash the chains constricting my body.
Pierce the skin which holds me back.
But release is only temporary.
You break the numbness for a moment,
But it comes back on twice as thick.
Just like flesh.
Cut the skin and bleed,
But after the freedom.
Scabs form.
Thickening and tightening it's bondage twice as much.
One day I'll be free.
I'll fly forever into eternity.
But until that day comes.
I'll wait and burn.
The singed flesh,
The rush of heat to my brain.
My closet friend.
I'll wait and burn
-Bad Iguana

AIM - TheRiotInUrPants, Burn DxNt Freeze