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The dorky new user post

Hi, my name is Katie & I just joined. I'm nearly 16 and I've cut for about three years. I started cutting partly because my dad is emotionally abusive and partly because I've always felt somewhat worthless and alone. When I was a kid and I was mad at my mom I threatened to cut off all my hair (I think I was about ten) to make her understand how upset I was. Not that that has anything to do with self-injury but I guess it shows my natural mentality of "you'll-never-hurt-me-as-much-as-I-hurt-myself".
I am trying to quit right now because I finally have a support system and I don't want to be unhappy anymore. I have a friend that's bulimic and another friend that cuts so we're all trying to quit together. Our boss/mentor is really supportive of us, she's like the mother I wish I had. I might go live with her this summer if things get bad at home, but we'll see. Anyway now I have people that care about me, and I'm trying to rise above all this.
Anyway, hi. Great community and I love the title.
<3 Katie
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