+ItsATragicCaseOfBadTaste+ (xxandsoweburnxx) wrote in burndxntfreeze,

i feel insane.

it was 9 cuts last night

all at once.

i've never cut that much at once.

and i've never let it bleed like that before.

i fell asleep afterwards

when i woke up it was about 3 in the afternoon...and i felt sick

so i threw up and went back to bed

and when i woke up again it was around 7

and i started cutting

10 more.

and just bled. and bled and bled.

so i pulled my sleaves down and ignored the pain.

but i knew it was there.

and so now my hands are shaking, my arm hurts insane amounts and i'm crying

i dont know what to do

i need to do something

there has to be something i can do.

i need help.
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