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ok hello there. i just joined this community. i kinda felt like i had to. anyways... lately, i have been, very unhappy, and i have not been able to find a GOOD ENOUGH reason for me being so depressed. my life has just not been going very well lately. i am hoping so much that things will turn around very soon. i cant stand not being happy. what should i do? my mom keeps telling me how much of a little shit i am and cant stop making me feel like i really am shit, i am soo horrible at my school work, iam now trying to do better, and my suposedly KINDAbest friend kant seem to keep away from the boy that i like(who has told me already that he only wants to be my friend). i try to think to myself that this is no reason to be so sad. but it is all i can think of. eh oh well, what am i to do?, its not like i can talk to anyone about that one, iam too scared to. i dont reelie cut miself i have before but, havnt in a very long while, n i might if i dont become a happy little girl soon, i am goin to try so hard to controll myself.
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