My Death in Dying Days (mylovedied) wrote in burndxntfreeze,
My Death in Dying Days

so today i get home from school and of course my mom starts yelling at me again! go me
so i cant find anything again to cut myself with so i grab the metal POS cross my sister gave me with sharp edges andtake my lighter and start burning the cross... i take this burning cross and put it to my skin... shit did that fucking hurt. but when the pain subsided... eventually it felt great... i hope it leaves a mark becuase it looks pretty cool.. i guess if a burn can look cool...i think i need to do it a couple more times in the same place to get a really cool effect on it! anyways my life sux

which is worse...
dying on the inside
or haveing a life to live
on the outside


PS from the burn.. i got a cool blister and i keep picking the skin off for an even cooler effect... and i didnt even cry this time hurting myself, i was thinking of all the shit bad that has happened and took it out on myself in a way i wouldnt care about!
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